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Friday  Session


The purpose of this retreat is to enhance "Optimal Wellness" of women across all 7 Dimensions of Wellness. The Power of Your Presence Session is designed to help women learn to make better use of their gifts, skills, and talents in order to gain purpose, happiness, and enrichment in life. Enriching these attributes will enhance the "Occupational Wellness" of each woman in attendance.

The Session is Perfect For:

  • ​Current or Aspiring Business Owners

  • Organization Leaders & Teams

  • Sororities & Social Organization Leaders & Teams

  • Network Marketing Teams

  • Women's Ministry Leaders & Teams

  • Current or Aspiring Elected Officials

  • Civic & Social Activists

  • Any Enterprising Woman of Excellence


Experts in various fields of business and industry will lead informative and interactive discussions that are designed to provide enterprising women with real life strategies and tools to help in their  professional development and success.​

Women will also have the  opportunity to network in master mind groups with women across industries, organizations and careers. Thereby, making critical connections that can aid in personal and professional success. 


The Breakout Sessions will be Based on the Tracks Below:

Current Or Aspiring Business Owners

  • Creating A Strategic Plan 

  • Marketing Your Business or Idea

Current Or Aspiring  Leaders 

  • Enhancing Leadership Skills 

  • Is Your Organization on Track with its Vision, Mission & Goals?

Current or Aspiring Elected Officials 

  • Setting Up A Political Campaign 

  • The Power of Connections

Roxy Hall , Dianne Williams-Cox
& Dr. Judy Mandrell

When you understand "The Power of your Presence" you understand what you bring to the table when you show up.


Dr. Judy Mandrell will join SHEnergy Founder, Roxy Hall and Tallahassee City Commissioner, Dianne Williams-Cox as the hosts of this POWERFUL Session.

They will guide you through a professional development experience that will help you understand "The Power of Your Presence" and how to effectively use that Power to positively impact your personal and professional life.


Throughout this full day session, women will be energized, educated, emotionally engaged and empowered to take their lives to higher levels of excellence and build mutually beneficial alliances with like-minded women of excellence. 

Session Hosts

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